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Not Always Dangerous, This Causes Tight Stomach During Young Pregnancy

Tight stomach during young pregnancy may happen to you. This condition may often trigger the concern of pregnant women, although generally it is a normal process to support the development of the baby. For normal pregnancy, this is generally not dangerous. However, there is nothing wrong if you remain aware of this complaint and pay close attention. If it occurs up to four times an hour, you should consult with a doctor. Common Causes Occur Tight stomach during young pregnancy, generally due to the developing uterus will push the abdominal muscles. As a result, the stomach feels tight. In addition, a tight stomach during young pregnancy can also be caused by several things, such as: Ligament pain (round ligament pain) Round ligament is a network that helps support the uterus, this network is connected from around the uterus to the groin. As the pregnancy develops, the size of the uterus will also develop. This causes the ligaments to stretch, and cause discomfort in the fo
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Understanding Colposcopy and How to Prepare Before Examination

Colposcopy is an examination by a doctor if there are signs of abnormal cells in the cervix or in the vagina. This examination can be done, among others, to find out the presence of genital warts, cervical inflammation and signs of cancer around the vaginal organs. Colposcopy examination is generally done if the pap smear examination gives unfavorable results. With a device called a colposcope (colposcope), the doctor will observe the condition in the vagina to the cervix. If the doctor suspects that there are abnormal cells in the cervix or vagina, this procedure is followed by a biopsy, which is to take tissue samples for further examination. Colposcopy Examination Process Colposcopy often makes women anxious, even some time before this action. Actually colposcopy only takes 15 minutes, from the start of examination using a colposcope until tissue samples are taken. You may feel uncomfortable when a colposcope speculum is inserted. Then, there is a slight feeling of cramping w

Benefits of Petroleum Jelly for Caring for Baby's Skin

One of the best-known benefits of petroleum jelly for the skin is its ability to moisturize the skin. In fact, there are actually more various benefits of petroleum jelly in helping to nourish the skin and overcome skin disorders. In general, petroleum jelly or petrolatum has a clear white color from paraffin and has an oily texture. This product is often used as a topical medication to maintain skin moisture. Get to know the benefits of Petroleum Jelly for the skin Besides being beneficial for moisturizing the skin, petroleum jelly has a variety of other benefits, such as: 1. Cure minor burns A study shows that petroleum jelly is very effective in helping to moisturize and heal minor wounds on the skin, including sunburn, so it doesn't leave too much marks on the skin. Before applying petroleum jelly, first clean the area of ​​skin to be smeared. 2. Prevent diaper rash in infants From other studies it is known that applying petroleum jelly to areas of the baby's body

What You Need to Know about Diaper Rash and How to Overcome It

Diaper rash often occurs in infants, especially around the age of 9-12 months. This kind of rash is sometimes difficult to avoid. Don't worry, diaper rash is a harmless condition and can be treated easily. Diaper rash is inflammation of the baby's skin in an area that is covered by a diaper or generally occurs around the buttocks. Causes of Diaper Rash Symptoms of diaper rash are characterized by a baby's skin that looks red around the buttocks, groin, thighs, and genitals. The pain from diaper rash can make your little more fussy. What's more, the part of the skin that is covered by a diaper when touched or cleaned often makes the baby cry. Diaper rash is generally caused by a number of conditions such as: Baby's diapers are too wet and dirty because of urine or feces. Baby's skin becomes sensitive due to exposure to chemicals found in diapers. Fungal and bacterial infections. Intake of solid food for the first time given to infants. Solid food shoul

How to Control Your Emotions so As Not to Harm Yourself

Not infrequently negative emotions such as disappointment and anger control, so you become unable to concentrate. In fact, you do things that are detrimental to yourself and others. This is why it's important to know how to control emotions. Research has found that human emotional responses come from the way they value certain experiences. Emotions are normal expressions of various things that occur in everyday life, such as laughing because of funny events to feel upset after being stuck in traffic. Expressing emotions properly and knowing how to control emotions will make you feel better. Even so, it is not uncommon for negative emotions to make you behave negatively as well. Angry, sad, disappointed can not be avoided, but can be managed. Expressions of negative emotions can even harm your friendship, work, and even your health. This is what makes you need to learn how to control emotions. The guide below is expected to help you. Every time you react negatively, calm down b